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Loan or Give

Loan or give?

Thank you for your interest in investing in the sixteen32 Global Fund, to create sustainable sources of support for the disciple-makers who are seeing extraordinary growth in unreached places. They just need a reliable, long-term form of income to support their discipleship work.

There are two ways to invest in the
sixteen32 Global Fund.

If you loan

We have a loan option for those who would like to invest in disciple-makers but can’t make a donation at this time. sixteen32 provides you with a Multiplier bond for an agreed term. Your investment will be managed conservatively by our fund managers in Texas. You will not earn interest, but you will make an enduring investment in growing Christ’s Kingdom. The Loan option provides a way for you to safely support disciple makers while preserving and returning your wealth to you. We ask that you agree to a 3+ year loan term.

If you give

Donations can be made to sixteen32, a US-based non-profit. Typically, donations given to us are directly invested in regional hubs in Southern Africa and Asia into projects such as real estate, farms, Boxer stores, or the Asian City school project (along with many others). Regional investments better serve the fund’s mission, and since the capital will not be returned to the US, it is advantageous to invest them immediately in opportunities in our hub regions. Our in-country networks provide us with exclusive premium investment opportunities.

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