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The Fund

Ways to Contribute

The sixteen32 Inc accepts the following:

  • Donations in the form of gifts from suitable donors or entities, with a minimum gift level of $1,000 . A tax deductibility certificate can be issued through our giving platform in the country of origin;
  • Grants from Foundations or other NGOs;
  • Interest Free period loans (subject to conditions) with a preferred minimum repayment period of no less than 36 months;
  • Assets such as shares, property or other “gifts” subject to certain conditions.
  • Regular annuity is paid out to regional hubs, enabling a constant income stream that will then be reinvested in-country to build long term sustainability.
  • sixteen32 is administered day-to-day by professionals and fund managers and is overseen by a Custodian. We run an independent Investment Advisory board.

We accept all of the above through most countries globally.

sixteen32 Multiplier Bond

For as little as $25,000, you can invest in a sixteen32 Multiplier Bond.

Through our sixteen32 Inc, we are able to take any of the following in cash:

  • Donations
  • Grants
  • Interest Free Loans
  1. The SGF Multiplier Bond allows us to use any of the above and invest into low-risk assets, which in turn produce an income yield (along with asset growth where possible).

  2. We use this income yield to place funds into a local hub.
  1. If you place an amount into a Multiplier Bond, we issue a debenture through our Global Fund, which essentially says, “you continue to own your money, but you have given sixteen32 the right to use and invest it over the long term.”
  2. You are able to ask for your money back at any time but you need to allow up to 3 months for it to be returned. Because of the administration cost, we prefer you allow at least 3 years for our use of the funds.
  1. A sixteen32 Multiplier Bond has no fixed period. Should you need to withdraw your loan (in part or whole), please allow up to 3 months for it to be returned (effective from 1st January 2022).

    Further information about the key features of the sixteen32 Multiplier Bond
    can be found in the following “At a Glance” document.

If you make a donation rather than a loan, then the same principle applies, except that your money is owned by the Global Fund.

For an application form for the Multiplier Bond, please visit our Loan/Give page, or email

Please note: there are inherent risks with this product, in that a debenture is not a guarantee of return of funds.

How funds are invested
and distributed

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The Fund-Hub Relationship

This is how your capital will work for the Kingdom of God through sixteen32.

As an investor, either through an interest-free loan or a donation, you can choose whether your funds are directed into the Multiplier Bond at the Global Fund level, or invested directly into one of the regional hubs. If you leave the choice to us, we will typically allocate loans into longer term low risk assets, and donations directly to the hub.

sixteen32 Donations to hubs

  • Donors and investors contribute to the sixteen32 Global Fund or to specific in-country projects.
    • Typically, loans made to us are invested in low risk, core assets, such as fixed income or mortgage backed securities, most often in a developed nation. Returns from these, typically 70% are returned to regional hubs. The remaining 30% remains invested, allowing sixteen32 to build its capital base.
    • Typically, donations given to us are directly invested in regional, in-country hubs into projects such as Paul’s avocado farm, or the Asia hub school project (along with many others).
    • We always seek a return on your investment, and some capital growth – whether it be at the Global Fund or hub level. We are not frivolous, and in general we are looking at commercial assets and businesses that, once investment is provided, will impact an entire community.
  • Our experienced operations team works through an existing, proven network of regional disciple making team leaders to identify, review and prioritize the appropriate financial support opportunities
    • We assess every investment opportunity through a commercial lens and a missional impact and effectiveness lens.
    • An Investment Advisory Committee will sign off on the project(s) in partnership with local DMM leaders.
  • We monitor for effectiveness and sustainability, and report back.

For more information on the types of project we invest in, please see our Information Memorandums.

For more information on the Multiplier Bond,
please see our At a Glance document

Invest into the

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global fund

Global Fund
Investment Approach

The Global Fund’s investment mandate is to operate a pension-style “fund of funds” profile that will deliver collective annual returns of between 10-12%. We also use first mortgages, direct purchase assets and fixed income (cash and bonds). A small percentage may be invested in other assets with a different risk/reward mandate.
This might differ from the approach of local hub investments, as typically that money is given as opposed to being lent.

The Fund looks at historical performance of known funds that produce consistently above-average returns, with a low to moderate risk. We manage allocations accordingly. We may also choose to direct invest in certain circumstances. An example might be where the fund invests long term in property to produce long term asset value with yield.

Each profile approach depends on several different factors, including the market volatility, the history of the profile and its ability to deliver returns and the current cash requirements of the Fund.

Global Oversight

The Fund has a separate Investment Advisory Board that provides Investment oversight and fund balance reconciliation as per the professional standards of any registered managed fund. Members of the Investment Advisory Board have professional fund management experience and qualifications.

The Fund based in the US uses the services of an independent Custodian where fund assets are reconciled. sixteen32 Inc is audited independently every year.


The accounts and investments offered by SGF are debenture products and not deposit products. sixteen32 Inc is a Registered Charity (501c3) and the issuer of the debenture products. SGF is not prudentially supervised by a local financial authority. Therefore, an investor in our products will not receive the benefit of the financial claims scheme or the depositor protection provisions in the standard banking schemes of most countries. Investments in our products are intended to be a means for investors to support the charitable purposes of SGF. We are required by law to notify investors that our products are intended only to attract investors whose primary purpose is to support our charitable purposes, are not comparable to investments with banks, finance companies or fund managers, and investors may be unable to get some or all of their money back when they expect or at all. Persons should consider whether or not the bonds are appropriate for them.

Invest into the

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global fund

Terms and Conditions

  1. A minimum deposit of $1,000 for donations/$25,000 loans/$25,000 grants and a Maximum of $5,000,000 in the following currencies available (AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, YEN, NZD or CAD) will be accepted by the Fund
  2. The Trust reserves the right to offer or refuse a donation to a client at its own discretion.
  3. A debenture note will be issued against all loans and grants. Relevant
    documents will be provided on request through an application.
  4. For full terms and conditions as well as copies of all relevant documents, please
    email or visit our website.
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